keynote speakers

Olaf Otto Becker

John Kippin


Professor John Kippin, University of Sunderland, will give a keynote address entitled From a True Story. John Kippin’s conference talk also relates to his forthcoming exhibition and publication: ‘Romanitas’, which opens in Sunderland – at the Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art – on 19th May and runs to 24th June .  John’s next  exhibition will be ‘From a True Story’, also at the NGCA and running from 30th June  until 5th August. Prior to the start of the exhibition, on the 29th June, there will be a launch of John Kippin’s book, From a True Story. John will also be showing work and speaking at the 2nd International Photographic Exhibition and Seminar in Shenzen, China in June. See John Kippin’s biography

Olaf Otto Becker’s landscape photography has been presented in galleries and exhibitions throughout the world. After completing projects related to the landscape of the Arctic (Under the Nordic light, Broken line, Above Zero) he began to  photograph the tropical rainforrest. Olaf will be interviewed for the conference by Julia Peck of the University of Gloucester