conference location

For conference registration please use the entrance of the main university building (Owen), which is located at the top of Howard Street, opposite Arundel Gate and the Millennium Gallery.  If you are arriving by train the walk to the main building will take about five minutes: on leaving the railway station follow the route between the water features on your left and a curved, horizontal, stainless-steel sculpture on your right – this is difficult to miss – cross the main road and walk up the hill, at the top of which  is a tall  building – see below.  Please go through the entrance and walk towards the lifts and atrium.  You can use either the lifts or the stairs to go down to level two, then walk towards the cafe area and look out for the registration desk. There will be signs throughout this route giving directions to the conference.  Registration takes place 9 – 9.30, and we will attempt to staff the desk for a period after that, but should you be very late please follow directions to Norfolk 210, where the conference sessions will take place.