Book Launch

At the conference there will be a launch for our publication –

Northern Light: Landscape, Photography and Evocations of the North  – Chris Goldie and Darcy White (eds.) Transcript Verlag, 2018

The book is composed of original chapters based upon papers delivered at our conference in 2016 . The essays confirm the continued relevance of ‘north’ as a site of cultural practice and artistic endeavour. If northern regions are tangible realities, the place of varied topography, light, climate, and biogeography, the location of distinct peoples and culture, typically they have been depicted through the traditions of northern landscape representation and the cultural narratives of an era. These discussions – focusing on Scotland, Northern England, Northern Europe, Siberia, the Arctic and Nordic lands – by photographic practitioners as well as theorists, explore and question this tradition, considering landscape as experience, reinterpreting notions of wilderness, emptiness and the sublime. The collection contains the following chapters –

Aileen Harvey. Walking and photographing Northern landscapes: a dialogical approach

Darcy White. Wanderings Through the Fog: Axel Hütte and the German landscape tradition reimagined

Susan Brind and Jim Harold. “At the limits of reliable information”: Finland’s Arctic borders with Sweden, Norway and Russia

Julia Peck. Landscape photography in the web of life: Olaf Otto Becker’s documentary sublime

Fiona Maclaren. 53 Degrees Parallel North

Joanne Lee. Vaguely Northern: in between in England

Chris Goldie. Landscape, Documentary, and Northern England in the 1930s